Tea Bag

We supply teabag threads with excellent running properties that suit all types of machinery, such as IMA S.p.A, Teepack GmbH, MAI S.A, TEAMAC, H&S, Tecnomeccanica, and many more machine types.

Working closely both with you and machine producers, we will develop thread that conforms precisely to your needs, whilst ensuring that the thread also accords with all relevant legislation.

Produced under the most hygienic conditions, our tea-bag threads are tested so as to fall within the rules with European legislation by accredited international laboratories.

Threads are supplied in accordance with EC Directives 1935/2004 relating to materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Teabag threads are available natural or plain white in cone lengths from 7000m up to 30,000m for certain machines.

Threads are supplied in the following formats:

7000m cones are now packed 25 cones/carton
8000m cones are now packed 32 cones/carton, 12 cartons/pallet
10,000m cones are packed 32 cones/carton, 12 cartons/pallet
16,000m – 27 cones/carton, 6 cartons/pallet
20,000m – 12 cones/carton, 12 cartons/pallet
24,000m – 18 cones/carton, 10 cartons/pallet

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