Plastic Edge Protectors

Plastic Edge Protectors are ideal for preventing damage to pallets and cartons that have been strapped. The strapping sits on top of the edge protectors and provides protection from indention to the product. Waterproof and lightweight, plastic edge protectors come in a range of sizes to accommodate different widths of strapping. Some plastic edge protectors feature strapping slots or grooves to hold the strapping in place so it can't slip off the edge guard; or it may feature inner points to secure the edge guard to the goods on the pallet.

Plastic Corner Protectors

Plastic Corner Protectors protect items such as doors, signs, furniture, radiators, picture and mirror frames during transit and storage. The corner protectors are hard-wearing as well as waterproof, and are designed to protect problem areas that are easily knocked, scratched or scuffed. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles which include open, closed and expandable.

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