Edge Guards
and Strapping

Kraft Edge Guards

Our kraft edge guards are ideal for use in many different industries, providing support, stacking strength and stabilisation of products during transportation and storage. Made from recyclable materials which are laminated together and are themselves, recyclable, the edge guards are available in different lengths - from 100mm to 4000mm, as well as in different leg lengths and widths. Standard dimensions are 35x35x3mm, 50x50x3mm, 50x50x4mm and 80x80x3mm.

A notched edge guard is also available for the protection of reels and other circular products.

As well as offering the standard kraft finish, we also provide surface finishes, including moisture resistance and abrasion resistance.

All our edge guards can be printed on (either in one or two colours) to show product identification, branding and/or for instructional purposes.


Polypropylene hand pallet strapping is ideal for cardboard cartons and pallets, to secure loads during transportation. It is lightweight, easy to use and comes in a range of widths and breaking strains. Supplied on a plastic reel, it is moisture-resistant, can be cut to size and will fit over any shape to ensure that the product is packed securely.

Strapping Accessories

To secure and tighten the strapping, a range of products are available such as:

Tensioners and Sealers for speedy and efficient strapping

Strapping Dispensers for easy dispensation of the strapping

Seals and Plastic Buckles to secure the strapping

Plastic Edge Protectors to minimise damage to the product when the strapping is tightened

Stretch Film to add extra security and to minimise damage to products during transit and storage. Stretch film is perfect for all shapes and sizes of pallets, and comes in clear or coloured, blown or cast variants.

The pallet edge guards are available in standard lengths as listed and also can be produced in any size up to 4 metres.

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