Malcolm Ross & Sons Ltd offers a full range of sorbent products which are designed to extend the product life, shelf life or service life of products, whilst also maintaining their quality. Our product range includes desiccants, moisture regulators, oxygen absorbers, volatile absorbers as well as specially designed products.

Sachets for the Pharmaceutical Industry

These range from 0.5 gram sachets up to 25 grams, and can be produced in a wide choice of sorbents, silica gel, indicating silica gel, molecular sieve, clay, activated carbon and moisture/odour blends. The sachets are constructed from extremely durable, tear-resistant uncoated Tyvec®, and the low-profile compact sachet is adaptable to a wide variety of packaging requirements.

Food and Beverage Industry

Use of an oxygen absorber is a proven solution for the protection of oxygen-sensitive and moisture-sensitive food products. By reducing or eliminating oxygen, these sorbents can be formulated to regulate moisture within the product's packaging, so as to retain the texture of food and reduce food product loss.

Canisters and Cartridges for the Electronic and Engineering Industry

Featuring a non-dusting design and welded end caps, these non-toxic canisters absorb moisture and odour - and if required, they can be packed with silica gel, indicating silica gel, molecular sieve or indicating molecular sieve.

Handling and Shipping Industry

The Drimop sachet absorbs up to 300 times its own weight and can also be supplied in fibre-based paper bonded laminate sheets impregnated with Drimop immobilizing powder. These products can give effective fluid control necessary when shipping bio-hazardous fluids, toxic solutions, medical specimens and other such products.

Sizing recommendations

A silica gel sachet is only effective in an enclosed environment. A physical barrier will prevent water vapour from continually entering such an environment, leaving the finite volume enclosed to be protected by the silica gel.

It is recommended that in an airtight environment, 5grams of silica gel are required per cubic foot of enclosed volume (170 grams per cubic meter). Therefore you should use the nearest standard-size sachet over the amount of silica gel that is theoretically required. For large volumes, using a few well-spaced smaller sachets will reduce humidity levels faster than using one large sachet.

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